Monday, 27 May 2013

A Glance at the Top 12 Food Trends for 2012

USA Today posted a look at 2012 food trends, some of which had even started to surface in 2011 and well before (street meat people!). Check out the trends at a glance below:

Fancy Salts These can get pricey, but man they’re delicious. My favorite is truffle salt sprinkled on garlic bread or for making croutons.Artisan Chocolates Taza stone-ground chocolate is my fave.Korean Food Kimchi – fermented cabbage – is a classic Korean dish, low in cals and high in probiotics to aid in a healthy digestive tract.QR Codes on Food Packaging Check out FoodScanner on your iPhone - it uses the QR code to provide the complete nutrition label and it can even track calories.Seaweed Low in calories, this sensation from the sea is packed with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Head to your local sushi joint and order a seaweed salad for a quick fix – it’s my fave.Gluten-free It just keeps trending people!DIY i.e., “Do It Yourself” is trending, as people want to know exactly how their food is being made, and the best way to find out? Do it yourself!The Butcher People want someone knowledgeable and trustworthy handling their meat!Food Trucks Think NYC’s infamous street meat carts.Drugstores as Food Stores Eating on the go perpetuates this trend; good thing I’ve seen fresh fruit replace candy bars in the check-out line at some drugstores, like Duane Read.Mindful Snacks Think swapping regular chips for kale chips – consumer packaged goods companies are jumping on the snacking bandwagon with more health-focused snacks.The American Pickle God bless whoever invented pickles. They’re low in calories, an easy go to snack, and most important of all, they’re just plain delicious! Mix it up from your classic dill for new treat that won’t disappoint – there’s a local farmer’s market in my hometown that sells a Sweet & Spicy variety that are to die for. Related Posts with Thumbnails

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